Professor Ona C. Miller is a civility expert and humanitarian. In addition, she is an International Professor, World Civility Ambassador, Multi-stakeholder partner with a registered initiative for Female Civility and Consultative Status with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Founder of The Global Library of Female Authors. She is a qualitative researcher that has extended previous studies in the secular universities, but has expanded her expertise in the sacred faith-based universities as a strategic educator that searches to create and author curriculum to change the perception and position of Women globally. Professor Ona has an earned Doctorate of Professorship from United Graduate College and Seminary International and an earned Doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership and her expertise is in "Resolving Issues by searching reasons of behaviors with Women as it pertains to Female Civility, Women in Leadership, Global Relations, and Organizational and Structural Leadership."


Professor Ona is the Female Civility Icon and Founder of "National Female Civility Day" which is celebrated every year on the 17th of September and is in conjunction with her Female Civility Global Initiative. She has has received and World Greatness Award and Inducted into the World Book of Greatness as a Icon of Greatness with Greatness University in London, UK. Professor Ona served as a panelist on "The Role that Civility and Leadership in Social Protection at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW63) and will serve again for (CSW64) sitting on a panel for conversations for a Peaceful and Inclusive Society. Professor Ona has collected and continues to seek data to identify the internal and external barriers that exist for women because of social, economic, cultural, and traditional barriers, while implementing strategies for women to overcome.


Professor Ona is an appointed representative for the Advancement of Women and Girls with the Peace Society of Kenya, which is a non-governmental organization with consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Professor Ona is a Founding member on the Board of Directors for YOU! Empower a non-profit organization designed to provide disadvantaged women and families with the tools and resources to empower themselves towards a self-sustainable lifestyle.

Professor Ona is an advocate for women and an authorized Civility Spokesperson with the Civility Speakers Bureau and the author of motivations books, workbooks ,and Case Studies to help women gain confidence, equality, advancement, and stability.

Professor Ona is appointed and commissioned by the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative as a International Goodwill Ambassador for the Golden Rule and an International World Civility Ambassador. She has been awarded the Women of Global Solutions Award and the Golden Rule International Award by the iChange Nations™ Organization supported by the United Nations.


As the founder of First Ladies Global Institute™, an online platform to build and ignite women in leadership to embrace who they are ashamedly. Professor Ona is also the founder of the iPreneuse™ Movement, an international, interracial, and intercultural movement designed to provide solutions to the economic and educational disadvantaged women around the world.


Professor Ona's mission is WombHER Foundation for anti-abortion and anti-abandonment for women. Women must stop aborting and abandoning their purpose and identity.


As the former National Economic Director and Legislative Adviser for the United States Women Christian Chamber of Commerce. Professor Ona provided strategy to build, restore, and fortify women who are faith based business owners. Professor Ona has been awarded the CFO Award for Superior Mission Achievement Comptroller Award by the Department of Homeland Security.

Professor Ona is passionate about education, empowerment, and leadership. She believes that to grow we must learn from the history of our past and implement new strategies, narratives, and disciplines to attain a better future. 

As an author, I wrote several books titled #I Am Single, 8 Elements for Implementing Your Purpose, 8 Elements for Implementing Your Purpose Workbook, and Supplements for Life's Deficiencies, Christian Ministry Leaders: The Barriers that Women Face in Non-Profit Organizations, to help women be confident with who they are, to add balance to their lives while pushing beyond barriers. I work in the Dallas, Texas area; however, I love traveling consistently as a speaker.


I grew up in the small town of Tyler Texas with a mother, who always encouraged me to be disciplined and trained me to stay focused in spite of the oppositions that life may present. In addition, my father gave me a foundation of confidence and security that taught me to be unstoppable. Through their love, I knew I could accomplish whatever I was passionate about. I also learned how to be a team player and the importance of relationships through having an older sister who encourages my endeavors. I have currently made Dallas Texas my home for several years, however I am available to travel for speaking, training, and teaching opportunities. I have not only dedicated my life to helping women, women in leadership, and young ladies, but I am an animal lover as well. I strive to improve the lives of both humans and animals that find themselves in less than fortunate situations.


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