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As the CEO of The Global Female Civility Leadership Institute, Dr. Ona is a Global Educator, Expert Panelist, and Keynote Speaker. Her mission is to research, educate, and advise on the impact and effects that policies and education have on women around the globe. She is an educational mouthpiece and voice of influence for women providing wisdom through sound counsel on successfully navigating and strategically maneuvering through internal and external barriers. She judges current and existing challenges, obstacles, and situations. Providing recommendations of the best strategy for the Female individual, organization, governing body, or national institution formulated explicitly for their desired outcome.

Dr. Ona has a Ph.D. in Professorship and an EdD in Education. Her expertise is in providing solutions that will change the environment for females worldwide. Her expertise is Women in Leadership, Global Relations, and Organizational and Structural Leadership, including 20+ years of experience with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Additionally, she understands the challenges of change and the need for strategic planning, cultural diversity, cultural behaviors, and global diversity.  Her Master’s degree in Management encompasses organizational communication, leading change, managing cross-cultural environments, social responsibility, project management, budget/finance, and business law. Her Bachelor’s degree includes effective communication, innovation, statistics, decision-making, ethical/legal topics, and human resource management.


She is the Founder of National Female Civility Day. A day where females are celebrated for their existence. National Female Civility Day is a day where we love, accept, and appreciate who we are as females while promoting cohesiveness, concern, and collaboration amongst all females. It is intended to promote an international, intercultural, and interracial environment that includes all females.


She is also the Founder of The Global Library of Female Authors. The online library includes females that have created and established programs, organizations, curricula, and literature to enhance the lives of other females globally.​ The Female Library was designed to engage female students, leaders, groups, and organizations worldwide. Dr. Ona is a 5-time published author and 4-time published co-author.


Dr. Ona is passionate about education, empowerment, and leadership. She believes that to grow, we must learn from our history and implement new strategies, narratives, and disciplines to attain a better future.


Dr. Ona's Books

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