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Female Civility Initiative
The goal is to build a bridge for Females globally to be able to make a greater impact. Females are designed to be sitting at the table and we will not compete with anyone. Females are the missing piece that is vitally needed around the world for making the desired global impact. Our voice has the sound that resonates security, safety, and substance that the world desperately needs to hear. Our influence as females transcends division and promotes unity. A movement that educates females on how to be the best individual and leader that they can be. Through education females will understand and maintain the perspective that they were created as a unique voice that the world must hear. We offer attributes of intuition, security, soundness, and substance. The first step to education is identifying those key areas that are broken and breached, and then build a bridge for recovery.

The Global Female Civility Leadership Institute

The Global Female Civility Leadership Institute is designed to allow the female student to become an expert in the specific areas of Female Civility and Global Leadership. We provide a real time perspective along with relevant solutions for implementing civility, authentic leadership and intentional diplomacy in global education through multifaceted curriculums and online degree programs.

The Global Library of Female Authors TM

The Global Library of Female Authors is one of the subsidiaries of the Female Civility Initiative founded by Prof. Ona C. Miller and is comprised currently of 115 females from Africa, Europe, New Zealand, Cyprus, Singapore, Australia, Spain, Brussels and America. The Female Civility Initiative was is a global establishment founded on respect and value of the creative and unique existence of females worldwide.

Little AMAZONS was created and established to provide "Little Dresses" to Female Orphanages, Schools and Academies worldwide. The Female Civility Initiative - Little AMAZONS has been graced with the privilege of partnering with Goshwe Simi-Simji, Founder/Executive Director of Simji Girl-Child Empowerment Initiative & Orphanage/Simji Integrated Academy (SIA) - Nigeria. In the days, weeks and years to come we will continue to expand distribution in other countries and continents.

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