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Be Liberated and Not Obligated

What I have learned more NOW than ever is you cannot be afraid to walk alone. Most importantly you can never be afraid to say no to keep yourself from being obligated to things, people, situations, relationship, family, and things in life that you do not desire to be bound to. Yes, love everybody and find yourself treating everybody right, but that does not mean you just take anything. Treat yourself with high standards as you would have others treat you as well. If you start to settle in any category or area in life it gives permission to others that it is okay. Nothing below the standards of God is okay. It is not okay for you to deprive, devalue, abandon, or neglect you. You exist because you are a purposeful standard that allows others to see God through you. God does not command you to settle. He has the highest regards for you as His creation. Your creator think great things of you and nothing else or no one else should change your mind, because God’s mind definitely will not change concerning you.

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