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Cliques are limited...

I discovered that the majority of my life I always had certain people that I would engage with or allow to engage with me. However, I just recently realized just how much I limited myself because of my "cliquish" behaviors. We all have done it! We have certain people we interact with and usually those are the same people we tend to always keep around us. Now, let me just say that I understand the importance to have an inner circle, especially with the craziness that goes on in today's world. But, there are people who don't know us, all of our deficiencies and efficiency's that truly want to say kind things and do kind acts towards us. This week alone I have had the most loving opportunities with people that I don't talk to or see often. My heart was filled with so much joy as they spoke and typed some amazing comments to me. Many of them shared things with me that I haven't received from the ones that I frequently engaged with. Therefore, what I am trying to convey is don't shut people out, because you never know when they will say or do exactly what your heart needs at that particular moment. We have become accustomed to just accepted and looking for things from the commoners until we miss so many wonderful relationships with those that are unfamiliar with us.

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