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Enjoying The Ride

When we are doing what we have been created to do the ride seems much easier because we are fulfilled. It is not because we don’t face issues, challenges, and unforeseen circumstances, but it is because we are fulfilling what God has mandated us to do. There is safety and security in doing what we are purposed to do. Many of the worries and anxieties we have had previously is not something we focus on because we are too busy focusing on what He has directed us to do. When we have time to drown in our sorrows, mourn over things that really are not relevant, then that means we are not busy doing what He so desires of us. Let us be found attending to things that are assigned and relevant by God and to God. Things that we deem relevant are not important to Him. Our plan, will, and intent must always line up with Him because He is the Lord of our lives. Refocus, revamp, revise and be relevant.

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