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God Takes Care of Me

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

I don't have to defend myself because God takes care of all of that. All that is required of me is to follow Him and obey His commands. Some say that it is easier said than done, but I say that I have never had so much peace and contentment as I do now. Everything is not perfect and I say that because I am human so perfection is impossible. However, my life is perfect right now and right where I am right now for me. I don’t think I could ask or want for nothing more and I am truly grateful for what I have. I am not talking about material things, for those things are just an addition to the gifts that can only come from God. I love my peace, joy, discipline, and the options that are available because I have matured. God can now trust me and it is sad to say but I can now fully trust Him. It is such a tragedy to trust an awesome God. We abandon, neglect, and cause an injustice to ourselves because we are not mature enough to just let God handle it. We don’t have the know how to fix everything as He does. So since He has all power, all control, and he is all knowing we must trust Him the more. My life is quiet and warm, now that I have matured to a choice of trusting Him against all odds.

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