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I am truly amazed at how life can change instantly and suddenly. One day it can look very dark and the darkness can appear to never end. However, with time, perseverance, and endurance things will and have changed. As things change we must find ourselves also processing through the change. It is of no benefit to be in the midst of change, but never process our lives through adopting the change. Don’t rely on last season’s strategy to accompany you on this new journey. Everything that God is doing it’s totally new and unfamiliar to what previously has been. This season puts a smile on our faces, a glow in our eyes, and push in our back, and a nudge in our hearts that the things that were once ailing, plaguing, and challenging us are no longer relevant or valid. We are elevating, expanding, and expounding to new heights, depths, phases, and stages. God is not holding back on His promises, nor is He shy in fulfilling His promises. We must honor Him to make sure that we accept, stand, and walk in every promise He has made. Don’t be timid, fearful, or doubtful. Yes it looks, sounds, and is different, but it is the greater that has been awaiting our arrival. Take hold of it and diligently be present with it.

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