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I Love This Place

I am finding the closer I get to the place I have always longed for, the more adversity that I face. But, I appreciate and love every minute of it because it jolts me forward without hesitation. I smile more and my heart is so content to know a liberty that is not always understood. I finally now understand what it means to be in the world but not of the world and the things that it presents. There is pain, suffering, envy, jealousy, hatred, confusion, and chaos everywhere. The great news is liberty is BEYOND the adversarial characteristics and attributes of life. My eyes are tunneled vision on the images that are forever before me. My heart is beaming with the rays of joy and hope. I am forever grateful that I said “YES” to a God that has always protected, loved, supported, embraced, and kept me. I have found a love that transcends natural love and extends beyond to eternity. There are no words to describe this feeling, but I pray that each of you can experience this encounter. It will leave you in a place of much peace, rest, and confidence in a God that keeps His every promise. I cannot be stopped because He will not allow you to. I will press forward, even if that means without you. I don’t mind walking alone, because I know His direction is precise and His guidance is direct. He is always with me and His assurance is all that I need. He is my love and my resting place. He holds the key to my heart. He holds my heart in His hand.

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