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Inevitable Change

I constantly have to remind myself to keep going and don’t give up under no circumstances. It is true that the ones that usually are encouraging, motivating, and inspiring others need a little push every now and then too. However, often times those in the forefront rarely get the push they need. In fact usually when we look around us everyone and everything seems to be pulling at us or need something from us. That is why it is very important for leaders to have a safe place or a safe group that they can turn to. I also have noticed that during my times of frustration it is best to get away and get quiet to hear directions from God. I sometimes don’t answer my phone, text, or email for the sake of solitude and peace. We have to be careful when taking on assignments to make sure we follow the instructions that God gives us down to the very smallest of details. When there is a frustration present it is a clear indication that change is inevitable. However, I struggle with the concept of just shutting everything down and everybody off, which is not healthy but it is much easier to do. Therefore, I have learned that the lesson of life is “balance”; we must know how to balance the assignments that God has given us. We must balance them with a steadiness and a consistency that will carry us through to the end with success.

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