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Updated: Apr 13, 2018

I was reading an article the other day where it addressed the topic of married men sleeping with other married and single women. It was interesting to read the feedback and responses from everyone. However, what shocked me the most is that most of the responses were from women who blamed the women for the situation in the first place. It was unrealistic to see how no one every blamed every party involved. In our society, women have adapted the already derogatory nature of most men, where they have accepted being second hand and blame themselves for the bad that occurs. It is amazing to me that women can settle in life, be content, and allow a man to treat them any kind of way and help him make excuses for it. I am finding out through careful research and study that women as a whole throughout many generations have just neglected themselves for the sake of acceptance; Acceptance in families, careers, marriages, and relationships in general. Women have become so comfortable and complacent until any challenge or confrontation causes them to coward down. That is not how God says it should be, so I wonder why we do it. I would rather struggle before settling, stand before bowing, and fight before becoming a coward. Regardless of what others do, men included, we do not have to accept it. Many of the things that we encounter are because we choose to accept it. Now, please understand that it is your life and you can choose how you desire to live it, but know that you do have a choice. I refuse to settle in any capacity and I will not point fingers at a specific group for wrong, but I will call out wrong on sin regardless of who it is because I choose life for everyone. I will not downplay Gods will and purpose for my life because of fear. I am not afraid! I choose the best of what God has for you and me!

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