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Necessary Change

I have discovered one of the best things in life is that nothing remains the same. Although that very thought can bring some mourning it will also bring great joy. The old cycles, routines, and dead ends won’t last always. The tears we often shed will eventually turn into joy. But also the seasons and phases of our lives change as well with transition. We usually fight against change and as we are being transformed the lessons can be hard, but usually when it has completed its course we are in a much better place than before. I often smile as I think back on life’s journey. The years of growing, developing, and coming to a place of maturity were a great price. What is necessary to understand is that I am continuing to mature. There are always lessons to learn, skills to sharpen, and greater understanding to attain. I guess what I am really trying to say is as time moves forward you begin to appreciate the change that has taken place and you begin to understand why change is necessary.

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