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Seasons Change

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

We have our personal seasons of change while we are yet transitioning in the seasons that God created. Therefore, our personal seasons must come subject to the seasons of God. It’s time to spring, jump, leap, thrust, and move forward. Leave all that STUFF behind and let’s go. Don’t try to pack NOTHING to bring with you. Leave it and let go because God is providing everything new. We always say that we can’t imagine our lives without certain people, but can we imagine our lives without God? Some situations we gladly invite Him to handle as He sees fit and others, we leave Him completely out with an attempt to fix it ourselves. We try to place God in a box or a bottle with limits that constrict Him from being God. He is not a genie that we magically summons when we get ready for Him. God is in control of all things at all times and the sooner we realize that, the better off our lives will be. We must stop getting in His way and know that He is God. Don’t be distracted by the things that are happening around you and don’t divert your focus. You will experience every one of your dreams and you will see every vision come forth. Don’t turn around and there is no time to look back. God will come through every time.

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